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The project has been moved to GitHub as CodePlex is shutting down:

To all who is waiting new releases: unfortunately I'm falling behind of my schedule. At this moment I have no enough time to prepare new release :(. As soon as I get chance I'll continue my work.

NOTE : project source code contains 2 versions of the profiler:
1. folder "chronos" contains published version
2. folder "chronos2" contains currently developing version with new API. At this moment this version is not working. We are planing to publish first alpha version of the profiler with new API at the end of the year.

Project Description
Free .Net Performance Profiler

Chronos .NET Profiler is fast and convenient tool for .NET performance profiling and exceptions monitoring.
Chronos is a line-by-line profiler. Line-by-line profiling is most detailed profiling type - it allows to catch every method call with high resolution. Chronos is one of the fastest profilers.
Chronos .NET Profiler is not only performance profiler. Chronos also collects information about created appdomains, loaded assemblies, modules, classes, functions, created threads and thrown exceptions. This infomation allows you effectively track program performance and execution.

The main goal of this project is to create extensible open source platform for profilers for all languages/runtimes - .NET, Java etc.

Known issues:
-Profiling of executables builded as AnyCPU on 64-bit Windows is not working
-Profiling of x64 executables may not work

The project board

  1. Support of Win32/x64 processes (x64 may not work)
  2. Support of CLR 2.0/4.0
  3. Possibility to profile standalone processes and web applications hosted on IIS 6.0 or higher
  4. Browsing loaded AppDomains/Assemblies/Modules/Classes/Functions and also created Threads and Exceptions
  5. Editable profiling exclusions
  6. Pause / resume profiling
  7. Find references of assemblies, classes and functions in call tree

  1. Make Chronos Profiler fully extensible
  2. Full documented API with examples to create own extensions
  3. Extensions manager with possibility to download extensions you need
  4. Integration with CI
  5. Support both .Net and Java apps
Profiling data - call tree

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